Paris Skyline

Paris Eternal

The Paris Eternal brings the flair and fashion of Paris to the excitement and competition of Overwatch. With a European-based roster of some of the world’s best players, the team is poised to make its debut on the global stage this February. The Paris Eternal seeks to achieve a level of performance on par with its famous home city, while cultivating a culture and enthusiasm which builds a formidable fan base in France and around the world.
BenBest - Benjamin Dieulafait
BenBest Benjamin Dieulafait
ShaDowBurn - Georgii Gushcha
ShaDowBurn Georgii Gushcha
Finnsi - Finnbjorn Jonasson
Finnsi Finnbjorn Jonasson
NiCOgdh - Nicolas Moret
NiCOgdh Nicolas Moret
Greyy - Luís Perestrelo
Greyy Luís Perestrelo
Kruise - Harrison Pond
Kruise Harrison Pond
HyP - Damien Souville
HyP Damien Souville
danye - Karol Szcześniak
danye Karol Szcześniak
SoOn - Terence Tarlier
SoOn Terence Tarlier
LhCloudy - Roni Tiihonen
LhCloudy Roni Tiihonen